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23rd Annual Los Angeles Music Awards Photos

November 14, 2013, was a brilliant day and evening for Stevie Hawkins at the Avalon Theater - Hollywood with his daughter Deanna, and receiving the "Urban Music Artist" award. Stevie had the honor of performing at the event with the great Victor Orlando, a Grammy nominated recording artist and Hollywood F.A.M.E. Awards "Lifetime Achievement Percussionist", along with his dear friend and music business associate, legendary producer/composer/arranger Miles Grayson playing keyboard. Stevie extends his thanks to Charlotte Hannon, Victor and Miles, and the LA Music Awards producers Al Bowman and Susanna Griffie for making it all possible. The red carpet press event and show was amazing. Stevie sends out his congratulations to all award recipients, and to those who were nominated. The first group of photos below document the event.

We are all winners, award or not.
- Stevie Hawkins
Charlie Rose stage manager Victor Orlando and Miles Grayson Sound check Stevie (The Animal) Hawkins Stevie Hawkins, Victor Orlando & Miles Grayson Having fun Miles Grayson The Hollywood Animal Victor Orlano Victor Orland & Stevie Hawkins Deanna red carpet pic Victor Orlando, MilesGrayson and Stevie on the red carpet Stevie hawkins red carpet Hollywood Music family Red carpet fun Red carpet press and media Al Bowman Victor Orland red carpet photo Victor Orlando Family on the red carpet Avalon Theater event Avalon Musician dad and daughter Perussionists elite Dinner with the stars Wink Martindale Radio personality Avalon audience Argo - Star Trek Famous actress Awards reciepient Live performance Concert performance Performaning live In concert Live performaners Great percussionsts Dr. Miles In concert Hollywood awards Conga player Drums and percussion Avalon Theater concert Showtime AIMA Basic Instinct Electronica TV actresses Guantanamo Famous presidential pianist Songwriter awards Warner Brothers Character actor Tic-Tac_Dough Record producers Movie stars Comedy awards Soap opera Pop music news New urban music

22nd Annual Los Angeles Music Awards :: Family :: Friends :: Radio :: Tour :: Artists Photos

The photos below are a mix of the 22nd Annual Los Angeles Music Awards in Hollywood where Stevie took home both "Record of the Year" and "Male Singer Songwriter of the Year", and co-writer Charlotte Hannon was the recipient of the "Executive Producer of the Year" award for the album What The Funk?. Also, the Artists In Music Awards - Hollywood, where he won "Best Jazz Artist", tour shots from France, KYHY-FM Indie 100 Burbank, family, fun, and shots with recording artists. Artists Stevie played drums for in the photos are Lynyrd Skynyrd's Peter "Keys" Pisarczyk and Mark Matejka, Daryle Singletary, Lynyrd Skynyrd founding member and original drummer Bob Burns, Jeff Carson, Johnny Rodrigeuz, Randy Threet, Tommy Crain, and Razzy Bailey.
Hollywood red carpet Stevie Hawkins in Hollywood Hollywood Grammy record of the year Famous dad and daughter Concerts in France Concert drummer Event producer Blues music movie production Universal Studio Orlando Hollywood concerts Historic Whisky A Go Go Backstage fun Jazz awards Los Angeles Radio interviews On the air Concerts in Ohio Funkmaster Stevie Hawkins Indie Music Channel Blues Award Miles Grayson in concert Jazz singers in Atlanta Nashville Country Music Association concerts Free Bird Pop music star The Detroit sound Mariah Carey world tour Opry icons Polyrically Uncorrect Souther Rock legends New country music star Butterfly Kisses Tour bus photos 1980s counrty stars Clay Walker Hee Haw stars Jethro Burns Souther rock guitarists Old time country music stars Chevy Van Black Hawk and Henry Paul Pop country singers Razzy Bailey On the road with a country music artist Christmas benefit concert Country bass players I Like My Women On The Trashy Side Tony Brown producer What A Difference You've Made In My Life Poe's Dinner Bell Cookeville Daryle Singletary on the road Survival blues I Only Wanna Be With You Celtic recording artists Somewhere In Heaven Finbar Furey Chicago blues musicians Parents Brotherly love Working Nine To Five Female country singers Country music television show Independent radio

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