2012 LA Music Awards Male Singer-Songwriter Recipient Stevie Hawkins

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:: Stevie Hawkins Receives 2012 Los Angeles Music Awards Male Singer-Songwriter of the Year Award ::

Published: 16th November, 2012

Stevie Hawkins is the first recipient of the "Mark Vigil Male Singer-Songwriter of the Year Award" at the Nov 15, 2012 LA Music Awards, hosted by the Avalon Theater in Hollywood.

Chelsea Vigil presenting Stevie Hawkins songwriter award.(L-R) Dustin Quick, Chelsea Vigil, Stevie and Tamara Henry
Photo courtesy of Shoestring Concerts

Stevie Hawkins was awarded the first ever "Mark Vigil Male Singer-Songwriter of the Year" accolade during the 22nd Annual Los Angeles Music Awards in Hollywood. Chelsea Vigil, daughter of famed songwriter Mark Vigil presented Hawkins the award after giving an emotional and loving tribute to her father at the podium. Hawkins was awarded for the composition of his album "What The Funk?”.

"I am extremely honored to receive this award from Chelsea Vigil in her father's name. To have been nominated and voted as the first recipient of the "Mark Vigil Male Singer-Songwriter of the Year Award" is very humbling. The award established in Mark's name by the LAMA is a tribute to him as a person and a songwriter, his family, and to his legacy. My heart-felt thanks and gratitude are extended to Mark's family, co-writer Charlotte Hannon, Al Bowman and Susanna Griffie, the fans and music industry panel who voted for me, for this significant honor of songwriting recognition", Hawkins said, after delighting in his moment in front of an audience of songwriters, artists, producers and celebrities.

Almost any songwriter will tell you that having your work recognized overshadows any other accolade hands-down. Although Hawkins is undeniably one of the best vocal and drumming talents in the world, his composing abilities are certainly worth recognizing. The LA Music Awards agrees.

"Stevie Hawkins is the first ever recipient of the Mark Vigil Male Singer Songwriter Award from the Los Angeles Music Awards. He was chosen for the award by both fan and panel member votes at the 22nd Annual Los Angeles Music Awards Voting Party at the Whisky A Go-Go on held on Thursday, September 27th, 2012. Stevie shines as a talented songwriter with a unique drive and vision, possessing the high representation standards as a songwriter and composer necessary for consideration of this esteemed award. We are very pleased to honor Stevie Hawkins with the prestigious first Mark Vigil Award. Mark would be proud", said LAMA founder Al Bowman. "Mark was the recipient of two 2011 Los Angeles Music Awards. For his participation with us in 2011, we salute Mark Vigil and will always value his success attached to our organization. The LA Music Awards will carry forward the male songwriter award in his name", Bowman concluded.

Mark Vigil was a successful composer and songwriter who garnered recordings of his songs by familiar names in music including Brad Paisley, Keith Urban and LeAnn Rimes. In 1981, he received his Bachelor's degree in piano and composition from Cornish Institute in Seattle, Washington. At Cornish, he studied piano with Corri Celli and Jessie Parker. He received a Master's degree from the University of Oregon in 1996. His desire to compose existed solely as an expression of his heart, and inspired by his own universe within.

Mark Vigil's own words about the art of music say it all:

"If, as a composer I can create worthy moments of musical art, then I feel assured that my efforts have not been in vain. I feel confident that I have a voice and that I have something to say. I only hope that I can effectively transform my personal perspectives, my feelings, into musical artistic creations that are fresh, meaningful and alive. Above all, I prefer my compositions to be uplifting in their nature and hopefully, a pleasing influence upon the listener's ear." - Mark Vigil

Mr. Vigil passed away January 1, 2012.

Watch the 2012 LA Music Awards Mark Vigil Presentation Video

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